Ways to analyze GPS Data (Part 2)

Part 1 can be read here: http://blog.deogps.com/ways-to-analyze-gps-data-part-1/
3. Over speed alert: There are many ways an over speed alert may be generated. It can be based on the upper speed limit set on your device, it can be based on the road the vehicle has been travelling & that road has a different speed limit prescribed by Traffic dept.

For e.g. The speed limit on your device is set to 60 km/hr however the road it is travelling on has a speed limit of 50 km/hr. So, depending upon the device, the platform you are using & the settings in effect for your account, the device would generate alerts.

However, whatever the reason, over speeding should always be avoided unless for emergency, and shouldn’t be neglected.

4. SoS alerts: Some GPS devices, like our DGx2, have a SoS alert button (it’s a small physical button) which can be used to alert the administrator & concerned people about any emergency situations in or around the vehicle. The switch is pretty small so it can be hidden from unauthorized people but easily accessible to the driver & passengers in a vehicle. It’s very useful for private vehicles as well as emergency vehicles and vehicles transporting high valuable assets.
SoS alerts are not to be taken lightly, should be responded to immediately & every one regularly using the vehicle should be made aware of the switch and it’s usage from day one.

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