Ways to analyze GPS data (Part 1)

We have been listening a lot about how are we supposed to install a GPS tracker in our vehicles, use it’s tracking software to know it’s where about etc etc.

But the question is: Although we have the data from GPS, how to interpret the GPS data & use that data to our advantage?

1st Rule: There are no rules. (Okay, agreed that this line is from a famous movie). 😉

But that’s the reality. Every incident is different & so the ways to interpret the data would be different. And in many cases the interpretation is going to be tough but understand one thing. GPS devices are electronic devices, & without any external intervention are quite accurate in providing the data they are supposed to.

There are very few errors in the location data of a Good GPS Tracking device. And these devices are pretty smart when it comes to alerting their users about any manual tampering in most cases.

Proceeding further, This is going to be a multi part article, this being the 1st part.

Suppose there is an alert from the device, how are we supposed to interpret it.

  1. Power cut off:
    If you receive a power cut off, it can only be due to one reason: the power supply from your vehicles battery & the GPS device has been in
    terrupted. This can happen when the battery of the vehicle is removed from the terminal for service requirements or the wiring of the GPS Tracking device is tampered with.
  2. Low battery: This indicates that the in built battery of the device is down & the back up power is only going to last so long.


However, the point to note is that when Power cut off is followed by low battery, it signifies that the power source has not been reconnected & the GPS tracker is about to shut down & will stop reporting it’s location.

But when there is no power cut off & there is a low battery, it signifies that the battery of the vehicle has gone weak and hence the device has stopped receiving power from the vehicle. Some devices like our DGt1 or DGx2 have a battery protection which stops the device from draining the full power from your vehicles battery which not only hapls you avoid removing the battery to recharge or jump start it, it helps you when you want to start your engine but also increases the life of your vehicle battery.

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