Ways GPS can save money for a business

For any business, the largest amount is usually spent on Employee Salaries. Fleet owners & managers are never sure if there vehicles are on the correct job, working in full efficiency or if the drivers are taking an extended break.
At many businesses it’s really difficult to monitor the Start & End time of duty of drivers. Specially when the vehicles are at a remote location e.g. with a client. In fact, for many fleet owners, cargo as well as travel operators alike, its an additional task to ensure everyday that the drivers & the vehicles are on time for duty & that there is no extra reporting of duty hours for overtime.
“It’s comforting to know the location of the vehicles in real time, and how long they have been at a place. We have saved a lot of money & pain using Deo GPS tracking & implementing their methods. It helped us ensure discipline where there was none before. Our clients are happy and so are we.” – Leading Rental Vehicle operator.
Here are ways to manage vehicle location, driver discipline & working hours:

1. It can work as a Time clock for Duty hours for Drivers. By calculating the time difference between movements, not only can it give a detailed report of total working hours of a Vehicle but also of various stops & breaks taken by the driver in the whole day. It would help in eliminating false reporting of over time as well.


2. GPS Tracking helps monitor route efficiency of a vehicle. It helps to identify any deviations from the normal route of the vehicle, which might indicate personal activities or mis-use of your vehicle. This not only saves hours from the duty time, but also helps curtail fuel costs & increases quality of service.

3. In case of any incident, the playback history of the vehicle gives you a method to verify the claims & report of the incident. It helps verify time of arrival, delivery completed or even driver efficiency & habits.
This increases efficiency of your fleet, helps in saving fuel costs, increases timely deliveries and arrivals of the vehicles, better coordination between locations which in turn increases the total revenue & positive feedback about the company.

Please let us know if you can think of more ways to increase the fleet efficiency using GPS.

About Deo GPS

We help our clients secure their assets through GPS enabled technologies & Tools. With the help of our technology, our clients are not only aware of the location of their assets but are also able to manage their tasks. . The answer to “W” – Where starts with our platform. We help clients understand where their people & assets are, understand their use and how to make them more efficient. Some of our clients have recorded increase in productivity in the range of 25% to 30%.

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