OBD vs Wired GPS Trackers

The great GPS Vehicle Tracker debate is going to be on:

What to use: OBD or Wired devices?

Both have their own advantages & disadvantages. We would like to list them down for you so that you can make your own decisions based on the information given. Let’s start with both the devices one by one.

  1. Benefits of an OBD based Vehicle Tracker:
    • It’s plug n play. It can’t get easier than this, literally. You buy an already activated and configured device with SIM & a plan, take it to you car, plug the device (the right way) into your vehicle’s OBD port, and Voila!! It’s working.
    • Vehicle Engine Diagnostics & Errors on your finger tips (if it’s a diagnostics device). OBD is that same port which is used by the workshops to diagnose your vehicle using a weird looking wire plugged in the port & a computer/laptop/tab. So an OBD Diagnostics enabled Tracker should be able to give you all the basic diagnostics info with the generated error codes at your fingertips.
    • It being Plug n Play, you may use it in multiple Vehicles (although it’s not recommended).
    • Any faults in the device doesn’t require any specialist / mechanic to remove & service the device. You may remove the device yourself and send it across to the company for Fault discovery.
  2. Disadvantages of the OBD Trackers:
    • It’s plug n play & so it means it’s easily removable. Any one, I mean any one remove it from the port whenever they want.
    • It’s location is pretty obvious. Every vehicle model’s OBD port location is fixed (for obvious reasons), and hence it’s  public knowledge. The rest is easy.
    • There is no way to fix the device to the vehicle in any way & hence can be tempered with.
    • In most vehicles, the OBD port is below the steering wheel, on the drivers side or on the other side.
  3. Advantages of the Wired Vehicle Trackers:
    • It’s wired, and hence can be fixed permanently to the device.
    • It’s wired, and with sufficient wire length with the device, the device can be installed in any location & hidden in the car, independent of the model of the vehicle.
    • If the model permits, wired devices also have a provision for Engine On/Off which is pretty nifty and smart if used correctly.
    • Any kind of removal or change in device requires a specialist and the location in each vehicle can be different and hence the device is not easily located.
  4. Disadvantages of the Wired Vehicle Trackers:
    • It’s wired means any service requires the interference of a specialist/mechanic to remove & check the device.
    • No diagnostics possible as the devices do not have an interface with the OBD port of the vehicle.

We @deogps are a very strong supporter of the wired devices due to it’s non tamper nature. Our devices are not only waterproof (IP65 approved) but also contain in built battery along with an Tampering alert system, in case the wires of the devices are disconnected. To view available Vehicle & Other Trackers, please visit our store http://bit.ly/deogpsstore

However, we would soon be coming up with our own version of OBD trackers, where we would try to eliminate most of the disadvantages mentioned above. Do share your views & comments if you can think of any other benefits or disadvantages of the above trackers.

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