Methods of Installing GPS

In any GPS Tracking installation, one of the most important part is it’s installation. It can either be installed by a professional or may be self installed, both of which has it’s own pros & cons.

Typically, all GPS providers would speak in favor of a Professional installation however, depending upon your requirement a self installation may be right way ahead.

In case of Professional installations:

Expertise in GPS installation is a given. That ensures that the installation is done in the right manner. Installations vary not only by the device model but also on the vehicle type, model & make year. All devices need to be connected correctly, & requires a level of knowledge of the vehicle it is being installed in. Based on the expertise of the in-house or the professional installation, its usually the professional installation which is better.

As it’s the routine work of the professional, it gets done sooner than expected & is done correctly However, point to note is that it requires a basic number of installations before it becomes viable for the professional to do the job as well as all professionals work as per their own schedules & priorities.

As for all future service issues, even minor ones requires that the one who installed be present to resolve the issue, the professional takes time to schedule service visits.

Whereas in case of Self Installations, if the technician understands what he needs to do, he overcomes a lot of the points in case of the professionals. Your own technician although may take some more time but future minor services can be handled by them without the need to schedule a full service call from the professional. You control when & where of the installation. As it’s an in house job, the cost reduces for each installation so does the schedule.

However, self installs often make you lose your warranty if not done correctly. It also increases the chances of in house tampering with the devices.

So, the question is what is better for your organization?

This is where the Team of Deo GPS is a little different from others. We not only have our own professionals to do the installations for your individual vehicles but also there to train your in house technicians in case you have a large fleet and want to work at your own pace. It give you the benefits of both the methods as well as keeps the cost in control. It helps reduce the time & cost of minor services. With proper training, there is no chance of any Warranty issues. Plus it gives the benefit of resolving minor issues over the phone service call which is absolutely free.

About Deo GPS

We help our clients secure their assets through GPS enabled technologies & Tools. With the help of our technology, our clients are not only aware of the location of their assets but are also able to manage their tasks. . The answer to “W” – Where starts with our platform. We help clients understand where their people & assets are, understand their use and how to make them more efficient. Some of our clients have recorded increase in productivity in the range of 25% to 30%.

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