Buying a GPS Tracking Service

Finding & selecting a GPS Tracking service provider for your Family & Assets is a very tough decision to make. However, considering the main requirements & features you may need, makes the whole process easier. What you should set out first are the basic must have criterion for a service provider, points that would really affect your whole experience.

  • Like accuracy of Data given, Service quality as well as the quality & life of the device given.
  • How often the software is upgraded to keep up with the changing technology?
  • Are the given upgrades compatible with the provided devices?
  • Is the whole process of implementation easy?
  • How easy is the software provided with the bundle?
  • Every asset, fleet or family member has a different requirement, hence it holds a very significant factor if all the devices & services are available on a single platform or not?

What pays in the long run is to keep an eye open for the up coming upgrades to the service, and features to be added to the service which would give you an added advantage over other similar technology in the market. Customized reporting capabilities & alarms generated as per your need would have a significant benefit over unnecessary prompts & alerts about useless activity from your GPS Units.

In the end, always look for the Return on Investment instead of running for what sounds cheaper. One way is to check for the expected life of the product being given, add to it the service cost for the period & then compare with competitors.

However, what needs to be kept in mind is that every service comes at a cost & no service provider is gonna give a wonderful experience for a loss making deal.

Minimal but important alert system, accurate data & analytics, reports & above all ease of usage & administration will give you a improvement in your activity & increase overall productivity.

About Deo GPS

We help our clients secure their assets through GPS enabled technologies & Tools. With the help of our technology, our clients are not only aware of the location of their assets but are also able to manage their tasks. . The answer to “W” – Where starts with our platform. We help clients understand where their people & assets are, understand their use and how to make them more efficient. Some of our clients have recorded increase in productivity in the range of 25% to 30%.

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