Benefits of GPS Tracking

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking can be listed as below:

  • Reduce fuel costs by controlling the stoppages, idling times, Speeding & unauthorized usage.
  • Reduce Fleet Size by using the available fleet to the fullest & allocate under utilized units instead of arranging for new ones.
  • Increased productivity due to complete utilization of the available fleet.
  • You get an Insurance discount (of up to 5%) as well if you have one of the approved GPS Tracking unit installed in your vehicle.
  • Manage your whole fleet while on the move using Mobile apps & receive alerts when needed.
  • Alerts & Live updates help you proactively identify vehicle misuse & theft. Immobilizers help you deactivate your vehicle when needed and advised by the team.
  • Accurate GPS Tracking helps you bill your customers more accurately as well as works as a support when you have to justify your billings.
  • Efficient utilization of Units, & verification of actual worked hours helps reduce cost of Labor significantly.
  • It helps you improve response times in case of emergency services or mid way pick ups from near by units instead of dispatching fresh units.
  • Reduction in idling & inefficient driving behaviors reduces your carbon footprint and makes your fleet become Greener.
  • It has been noted that once the drivers are aware that their activity is under constant monitoring, they become more responsible & drive safely. This not only reduces their chances of causing accidents but also helps them in case of accident in providing a proof of their innocence & responsible driving.
  • All of the above & other features of an effective GPS Tracking service also extends the overall life of your vehicles, reduces maintenance costs.

About Deo GPS

We help our clients secure their assets through GPS enabled technologies & Tools. With the help of our technology, our clients are not only aware of the location of their assets but are also able to manage their tasks. . The answer to “W” – Where starts with our platform. We help clients understand where their people & assets are, understand their use and how to make them more efficient. Some of our clients have recorded increase in productivity in the range of 25% to 30%.

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