The great GPS Vehicle Tracker debate is going to be on: What to use: OBD or Wired devices? Both have their own advantages & disadvantages. We would like to list them down for you so that you can make your own decisions based on the information given. Let’s start with […]

OBD vs Wired GPS Trackers

Part 1 can be read here: Part 2 can be read here: 5. Vehicle Movement: Although with the help of Google & other service providers, one may receive a fair amount of realistic traffic estimate for Cities which are covered extensively by these services. Another way to understand traffic pattern, specially […]

Ways to Analyze GPS Data (Part 3)

For any business, the largest amount is usually spent on Employee Salaries. Fleet owners & managers are never sure if there vehicles are on the correct job, working in full efficiency or if the drivers are taking an extended break. At many businesses it’s really difficult to monitor the Start […]

Ways GPS can save money for a business

Part 1 can be read here: 3. Over speed alert: There are many ways an over speed alert may be generated. It can be based on the upper speed limit set on your device, it can be based on the road the vehicle has been travelling & that road has […]

Ways to analyze GPS Data (Part 2)

We have been listening a lot about how are we supposed to install a GPS tracker in our vehicles, use it’s tracking software to know it’s where about etc etc. But the question is: Although we have the data from GPS, how to interpret the GPS data & use that […]

Ways to analyze GPS data (Part 1)

Do you know where your vehicles are at all the times, even when it’s not in front of you? Do you have a driver who is usually stuck in traffic a lot, is late in his arrivals? Do you know where are your family members when they are driving around? […]

Deo GPS – Vehicle Tracking solution

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking can be listed as below: Reduce fuel costs by controlling the stoppages, idling times, Speeding & unauthorized usage. Reduce Fleet Size by using the available fleet to the fullest & allocate under utilized units instead of arranging for new ones. Increased productivity due to complete […]

Benefits of GPS Tracking

Finding & selecting a GPS Tracking service provider for your Family & Assets is a very tough decision to make. However, considering the main requirements & features you may need, makes the whole process easier. What you should set out first are the basic must have criterion for a service […]

Buying a GPS Tracking Service

In any GPS Tracking installation, one of the most important part is it’s installation. It can either be installed by a professional or may be self installed, both of which has it’s own pros & cons. Typically, all GPS providers would speak in favor of a Professional installation however, depending […]

Methods of Installing GPS